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J Virol. 1987 Dec;61(12):3983-91.

Effect of NH4+ ions on phi 29 DNA-protein p3 replication: formation of a complex between the terminal protein and the DNA polymerase.

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Centro de Biología Molecular, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.


Ammonium ions stimulated the formation of the phi diameter 29 protein p3-dAMP initiation complex by decreasing the Km value for dATP in a purified system containing the viral terminal protein p3, the viral DNA polymerase p2, and the phi 29 DNA-protein p3 complex as a template. In addition, NH4+ ions stimulated the amount of p3-dAMP complex elongation and increased by about twofold the rate of elongation. The stimulatory effect of NH4+ ions on in vitro phi 29 DNA replication is probably related to the formation of a stable complex between the terminal protein and the DNA polymerase, which was detected only in the presence of NH4+ ions.

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