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Virology. 1987 Nov;161(1):234-41.

Structure of the M2 protein gene of sonchus yellow net virus.

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Department of Plant Pathology, University of California, Berkley 94720.


The nucleotide sequence of the gene immediately following the nucleocapsid protein gene of sonchus yellow net virus (SYNV), a plant rhabdovirus, is presented. Serological reactions of SYNV proteins with antibodies elicited by a fusion protein constructed from the sequenced gene indicate that this gene encodes an SYNV structural protein designated M2. The 5' end of the M2 protein mRNA appears to correspond to position 1700 relative to the 3' end of SYNV RNA, because an extension product that maps to this position was synthesized by reverse transcription of polyadenylated [poly(A)+] RNA from infected tobacco that had been primed with an SYNV-specific oligodeoxyribonucleotide. The 3' end of the gene encoding the M2 protein is defined by a recombinant DNA plasmid derived from poly(A)+ RNA from SYNV-infected plants. This plasmid contains an insert with a 3'-terminal region corresponding to a uridylate-rich sequence present at positions 2832 to 2836 on SYNV genomic (g) RNA. These data thus suggest that the M2 protein mRNA is 1132 nucleotides (NT) long, excluding the poly(A) tail, and consists of a 50-NT untranslated 5' region, a 1035-NT open reading frame (ORF), and a 47-NT untranslated 3'region. The ORF is capable of encoding a 345-amino acid protein with a calculated molecular weight of 38,332. A small region of the M2 protein appears to have some similarity to the phosphoproteins of other rhabdoviruses. An identical 14-NT region occurs at the two sequenced gene junctions on SYNV gRNA and shares homology with regions separating the genes of some animal rhabdoviruses.

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