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J Steroid Biochem. 1987 Oct;28(4):429-32.

Validity of the calculation of non-sex hormone-binding globulin-bound estradiol from total testosterone, total estradiol and sex hormone-binding globulin concentrations in human serum.

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Centro de Investigaciones Endocrinologicas, Hospital de Ninos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Recent evidences indicate that biologically available serum testosterone (T) and estradiol (E2) include not only the free fractions but also most of the albumin-bound fractions. These two serum T or E2 fractions constitute most of non-sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)-bound T or E2, respectively. It has been reported that the estimation of serum non-SHBG-bound T gives identical results when it is assayed experimentally or when it is calculated by a formula derived from the law of mass action assuming two binding systems (T-SHBG and T-albumin). In the present work, we have compared the results of the experimental measurement of non-SHBG-bound E2 with the calculated value derived by an equation based on the law of mass action considering four binding systems (E2-SHBG, T-SHBG, E2-albumin, T-albumin). It was found that the two estimations of non-SHBG-bound E2 correlated closely in normal men (r = 0.80), normal women (r = 0.90) and hirsute women (r = 0.98). When compared with a more complex calculation which includes 21 steroids and 3 binding proteins results also agreed closely. Values for the different T and E2 fractions in these groups of subjects are given. These calculations could be used, not only for clinical research, but also in clinical practice as an useful tool for evaluation of the sex hormone status of patients.

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