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Vision Res. 1987;27(6):967-82.

Perceptual "blankout" of monocular homogeneous fields (Ganzfelder) is prevented with binocular viewing.

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Center for Brain Research, University of Rochester Medical School, NY 14642.


The loss of visual perception or "blankout" which occurs when a homogeneous field (Ganzfeld) is presented monocularly is prevented when the same field is viewed binocularly. Thus, blankout cannot be retinal; and contours or transients in time and space are unnecessary for the continuous maintenance of visual perception. Experiments are reported in which blankout ensues only if the two eyes receive luminance disparities ca 0.75 log I. Furthermore, blankout is only marginally affected by stimulus intensity, nor is it dependent on stimulus hue. However, equally luminant but disparate hues presented to the two eyes produce perceptions reminiscent of blankout, with the darkness of blankout replaced with that of color. It is hypothesized that the underlying mechanisms have a commonality in the phenomena of blankout and binocular rivalry but several noncongruent features require explanation.

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