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J Immunol Methods. 1987 Oct 23;103(1):121-9.

A rapid and efficient method for testing immunohistochemical reactivity of monoclonal antibodies against multiple tissue samples simultaneously.

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Department of Cell Biology, AMC Cancer Research Center, Denver, CO 80214.


A flexible, efficient and rapid method was developed whereby a small volume of monoclonal antibody could be used to immunohistochemically stain many different tissues, simultaneously, on one standard glass slide. This method is based on the preparation of 'cores' of paraffin-embedded tissue from standard histology blocks. The paraffin cores are straightened, inserted into a casing cut from an ordinary drinking straw, mounted in a paraffin block and sectioned. Over 120 individual tissue samples can be organized on a slide and stained for screening or characterization with 0.25 ml of diluted primary antibody. Advantages of this paraffin core method include: great economies in time, reagents, tissue specimens and antibodies; ease of producing multiple, regular, stable, easily handled tissue core samples; direct identification of intratissue regions of interest for inclusion; efficient use of rare tissue samples; versatility for rapid construction of multiple tissue slides containing any combination of relevant tissues from a 'library' of tissue cores; and, no need for deparaffinization and reembedding of tissues.

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