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Biochemistry. 1987 Jun 16;26(12):3297-303.

Biosynthesis and molecular cloning of sulfated glycoprotein 2 secreted by rat Sertoli cells.

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Biochemistry/Biophysics Program, Washington State University, Pullman 99164-4660.


Sulfated glycoprotein 2 (SGP-2) is the major protein secreted by rat Sertoli cells. Pulse-chase labeling shows that SGP-2 is synthesized as a cotranslationally glycosylated 64-kDa precursor that is modified to a negatively charged 73-kDa form before intracellular cleavage to the mature 47- and 34-kDa subunits. A plasmid cDNA library was constructed from immunopurified mRNA, and a recombinant clone containing the entire protein coding sequence of SGP-2 was isolated. The 1857-nucleotide cDNA consists of a 297-nucleotide 5' noncoding segment, a 1341-nucleotide coding segment, and a 219-nucleotide 3' noncoding sequence. The 5' noncoding region contains five ATG codons followed by four short open reading frames. The derived SGP-2 sequence has a molecular weight of 51,379 and contains six potential N-glycosylation sites. Proteolytic processing sites for the preproprotein were determined by amino-terminal sequencing of the isolated SGP-2 subunits. Northern blots show a wide tissue distribution for the 2.0-kb SGP-2 message, and computer sequence analysis indicates a significant relationship between SGP-2 and human apolipoprotein A-I.

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