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Cell. 1986 Aug 1;46(3):377-85.

Eukaryotic pre-tRNA 5' processing nuclease: copurification with a complex cylindrical particle.


In eukaryotes pre-tRNA species are processed at the 5' end by an endonuclease. Here we describe the first characterization of the structure of a eukaryotic pre-tRNA 5' processing endonuclease. The 5' pre-tRNAase, isolated from X. laevis ovaries, copurifies with a 16S macromolecular complex consisting of at least 14 polypeptides ranging in MW from about 20,000 to 32,000. These polypeptides comprise a cylindrical particle, apparently organized as a stack of four rings, similar or identical to a ubiquitous eukaryotic subcellular particle described in the literature over the past 15 years. Similar copurification is observed for the enzyme from HeLa cells, suggesting that the X. laevis enzyme is representative of a general class of eukaryotic pre-tRNA 5' processing nuclease.

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