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Biochemistry. 1986 May 6;25(9):2417-24.

Amino acid sequence of human factor XI, a blood coagulation factor with four tandem repeats that are highly homologous with plasma prekallikrein.


A lambda gtll cDNA library prepared from human liver poly(A) RNA has been screened with affinity-purified antibody to human factor XI, a blood coagulation factor composed of two identical polypeptide chains linked by a disulfide bond(s). A cDNA insert coding for factor XI was isolated and shown to contain 2097 nucleotides, including 54 nucleotides coding for a leader peptide of 18 amino acids and 1821 nucleotides coding for 607 amino acids that are present in each of the 2 chains of the mature protein. The cDNA for factor XI also contained a stop codon (TGA), a potential polyadenylation or processing sequence (AACAAA), and a poly(A) tail at the 3' end. Five potential N-glycosylation sites were found in each of the two chains of factor XI. The cleavage site for the activation of factor XI by factor XIIa was identified as an internal peptide bond between Arg-369 and Ile-370 in each polypeptide chain. This was based upon the amino acid sequence predicted by the cDNA and the amino acid sequence previously reported for the amino-terminal portion of the light chain of factor XI. Each heavy chain of factor XIa (369 amino acids) was found to contain 4 tandem repeats of 90 (or 91) amino acids plus a short connecting peptide. Each repeat probably forms a separate domain containing three internal disulfide bonds. The light chains of factor XIa (each 238 amino acids) contain the catalytic portion of the enzyme with sequences that are typical of the trypsin family of serine proteases. The amino acid sequence of factor XI shows 58% identity with human plasma prekallikrein.

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