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Acta Anat (Basel). 1987;129(4):293-300.

Effects of mechanical loads on surface morphology of the condylar cartilage of the mandible in rats.


Mechanical loads on the condylar cartilage were varied by feeding either a hard diet, a soft diet, or a sequential combination of a soft diet followed by a hard diet to young male and female rats for a total period of 4 weeks, and to mature male rats for 12 weeks. Gross condylar dimensions were greatest in the hard-diet groups, intermediate in the combination soft/hard-diet groups, and smallest in the soft-diet groups. Scanning electron microscopy of the condyle revealed a smooth, nonporous articular surface in the soft-diet groups. Hard-diet condyles had a rougher, more porous articular surface while soft/hard-diet condyles were intermediate between nonporous and slightly roughened condyles. None of the condyles showed ridges or elevations on the articular surface. Sex, age and time of the diets did not significantly affect these results.

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