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J Acoust Soc Am. 1987 Jul;82(1):165-78.

Potentials evoked by the sinusoidal modulation of the amplitude or frequency of a tone.


Steady state responses to the sinusoidal modulation of the amplitude or frequency of a tone were recorded from the human scalp. For both amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM), the responses were most consistent at modulation frequencies between 30 and 50 Hz. However, reliable responses could also be recorded at lower frequencies, particularly at 2-5 Hz for AM and at 3-7 Hz for FM. With increasing modulation depth at 40 Hz, both the AM and FM response increased in amplitude, but the AM response tended to saturate at large modulation depths. Neither response showed any significant change in phase with changes in modulation depth. Both responses increased in amplitude and decreased in phase delay with increasing intensity of the carrier tone, the FM response showing some saturation of amplitude at high intensities. Both responses could be recorded at modulation depths close to the subjective threshold for detecting the modulation and at intensities close to the subjective threshold for hearing the stimulus. The responses were variable but did not consistently adapt over periods of 10 min. The 40-Hz AM and FM responses appear to originate in the same generator, this generator being activated by separate auditory systems that detect changes in either amplitude or frequency.

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