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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1987 Aug 14;146(3):1127-33.

The human beta 3 alcohol dehydrogenase subunit differs from beta 1 by a Cys for Arg-369 substitution which decreases NAD(H) binding.


The beta 3 beta 3 (formerly called beta Indianapolis) and beta 1 beta 1 isoenzymes of human alcohol dehydrogenase differ substantially in their catalytic properties. Specifically, the KM value for NAD+ of beta 3 beta 3 is 70 times greater than that of beta 1 beta 1, and the Ki value for NADH is 35 times greater than that of beta 1 beta 1. To identify the structural basis of these catalytic differences, we sequenced regions of the beta 3 subunit and the beta 3 gene. beta 3 differs from beta 1 by the substitution of Cys for Arg-369. Based on x-ray crystallography of horse ADH, Arg-369 should interact with the nicotinamide phosphate moiety of NAD(H). The Cys for Arg-369 substitution would decrease the enzyme's affinity for coenzyme and, thus, account for the observed kinetic differences between beta 3 beta 3 and beta 1 beta 1.

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