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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1979 Apr 12;567(2):295-308.

Mechanism of uricase action.


Uricase (urate:oxygen oxidoreductase, EC exposes a positional and steric specificity in the enzymic conversion of urate to allantoin. C-2 of urate was recovered as C-2 of allantoin. By the consecutive oxidation and hydrolysis reactions a levorotatory intermediate was formed, presumably (-)-2-oxo-4-hydroxy-4-carbohydroxy-5-ureido-imidazoline. The absorption and optical rotation dispersion spectra of the intermediate were established. In the presence of borate buffer, the intermediate was transformed to (+)-alloxanate. The decay of the former compound depends on general base and acid catalysis. RS-(+/-)-allantoin was formed by chemical decarboxylation and S-(+)-allantoin by enzymic decarboxylation.

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