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Mech Ageing Dev. 1987 Jun;39(1):1-9.

Increased uptake and retention of rhodamine 123 by mitochondria of old human fibroblasts.


Binding of the fluorescent dye R123 by a variety of mammalian cells has been shown to be dependent on the high transmembrane potential maintained in functional mitochondria. Recent studies in our laboratory have shown that old human fibroblasts (HF) bind and retain more R123 than young HF. In an effort to determine whether this difference in R123 uptake indeed reflected a difference in mitochondrial transmembrane potential, drugs known to disrupt the transmembrane potential of mitochondria were used to monitor the R123-mitochondria interaction of young and old HF. Distinct differences indicating that old HF maintain a higher mitochondrial transmembrane potential were observed. More significantly, perhaps this difference reflects an age-related change(s) in the structure and/or function of mitochondria.

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