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Brain Res Bull. 1987 May;18(5):657-62.

Differential sensitivity to bicuculline in three inbred mouse strains.


We examined the inbred mouse strains DBA/2Ibg, C57BL/6Ibg, and C3H/2Ibg for differences in susceptibility to bicuculline-induced seizures, as well as to bicuculline-induced epileptiform activity recorded in the CA1 pyramidal cell layer of hippocampal slices. For susceptibility to seizure onset the strain rank order was (most to least susceptible): C3H = DBA greater than C57. The rank order for sensitivity to effects of bicuculline on tonic seizure latency and on hippocampal epileptiform activity were identical: C3H greater than DBA = C57. It is suggested that mechanisms underlying the development of bicuculline-induced epileptiform events in the hippocampal slice may be similar to those involved in the development of tonic seizures measured in vivo.

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