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Cell. 1978 Sep;15(1):231-6.

Isolation and characterization of a promoter mutant in the str ribosomal protein operon in E. coli.


The lambda fus3 transducing phage carries several operons for ribosomal proteins of E. coli, including the str operon. A mutant transducing phage with a promoter mutation in this operon has been isolated. This mutant shows reduced stimulation of synthesis of proteins encoded by the operon, S12, S7, and elongation factors G and Tu, in ultraviolet-irradiated cells. This mutation also abolishes in vitro transcription from the str promoter. The DNA sequence of the mutant promoter shows that it is a point mutation 6 bases upstream from the in vitro transcription start site, changing the "Pribnow box" sequence from TAAAATT to TAAAACT. These results indicate that the site altered by the mutation, which is in the region just preceding the transcription start site, is important for the expression of the str operon.

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