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Curr Eye Res. 1987 Apr;6(4):631-8.

Photopic sensitivities to ultraviolet and visible wavelengths and the effects of the macular pigments in human aphakic observers.


Psychophysical spectral sensitivities were obtained from aphakic human subjects in the photopic range. The foveal spectrum has a primary peak near 550 nm and a secondary peak about 0.7 log units lower around 380 nm. Off fovea, beyond most of the macular pigment, the curve is quite broad. While the peak is in the green, the gradual drop-off to 330 nm varies over only half a log unit. The two curves were compared in order to obtain an estimate of the macular pigments' spectrum. The macular pigments' curve has peaks at 460 and 490 nm as expected. It is broad and extends into the UV. These data suggest that the ocular media, including the macular pigments, have a profound effect on the spectral sensitivity.

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