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Ophthalmology. 1987 Feb;94(2):154-62.

Chronic and recurrent choroidal detachment after glaucoma filtering surgery.


Chronic and recurrent choroidal (ciliochoroidal) detachments developed following glaucoma filtration surgery in 14 eyes of 13 patients during a 9-year period. Three specific subgroups were identified: recurrent, inflammatory, and chronic (present for more than 6 months). The factors that may be related to the development of chronic and recurrent choroidal detachments included patient age (mean, 68.8 years), systemic hypertension or atherosclerotic heart disease, hyperopia, aqueous suppressant therapy, ocular inflammation, and full-thickness filtration surgery. A total of 46 choroidal detachments in 14 eyes were recorded and required drainage of suprachoroidal fluid on 34 occasions. All eyes developed visually significant cataracts, and complete resolution of the recurrent or chronic choroidal detachment occurred following cataract extraction in six eyes. Treatment of chronic and recurrent choroidal detachments should include intense therapy of ocular inflammation, discontinuation of medications that can incite ocular inflammation, discontinuation of topical and systemic aqueous suppressant therapy, and when a visually significant cataract is present, cataract extraction combined with a choroidal tap should be performed.

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