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J Infect Dis. 1987 Jun;155(6):1292-9.

Distal tubal obstruction induced by repeated Chlamydia trachomatis salpingeal infections in pig-tailed macaques.


The effects of repeated infections with Chlamydia trachomatis, serovars F, D, and J, were examined in pig-tailed macaques. The fallopian tubes of three experimental monkeys were inoculated at the middle of the menstrual cycle on three consecutive months. Monkey 1 received homologous F; monkey 2 received heterologous F, D, and J; and monkey 3 received homologous inoculations in the right and heterologous inoculations in the left fallopian tubes. One control monkey (4) received repeated inoculations of HeLa cell materials only and remained normal throughout the experiment. Infection was confirmed by isolating the microorganism from both the endosalpinx and endocervix. Antibody to the infecting strains was demonstrated in sera, tears, and cervical secretions by using microimmunofluorescence. Mild chronic salpingitis developed in monkeys 1 and 3, and chronic follicular salpingitis developed in monkey 2. Peritubal and periadnexal scarring and endosalpingeal adhesion formation were produced after reinfection. The right fallopian tube of monkey 3 was distally obstructed (confirmed by hysterosalpingography). Systemic complications, including perihepatitis and conjunctivitis, were also documented in these monkeys. We conclude that repeated infections produced extensive tubal scarring, chronic salpingitis, and distal tubal obstruction, findings not apparent in primary infection.

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