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J Comp Neurol. 1987 Feb 15;256(3):430-43.

Synapses of cone horizontal cell axons in goldfish retina.


The axon terminals of cone horizontal cells in the goldfish retina form typical chemical synaptic contacts in the middle of the inner nuclear layer. Approximately 60% of the identified postsynaptic elements were perikarya, axons and dendrites of bipolar cells. The other identified postsynaptic elements were perikarya and processes of interplexiform cells. We propose that the horizontal cell axon terminal contribute to the antagonistic surround responses of the bipolar cells and that they modulate inputs to the outer plexiform layer conveyed by interplexiform cells. Output synapses from horizontal cell axons to unidentified neuronal processes as well as occasional input synapses to the axons from interplexiform cell processes and unidentified perikarya were also observed in the same region of the inner nuclear layer.

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