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J Comp Pathol. 1987 Jan;97(1):21-7.

Control of a line of E. tenella, partly resistant to monensin, by including toltrazuril discontinuously in the drinking water of chickens.


Discontinuous medication with toltrazuril, given in the drinking water at a concentration of 50 ppm, was effective in controlling infection resulting from repeated inoculation of oocysts of a line of E. tenella partly resistant to monensin. Treatment was very effective when the drug was given for periods of 3 days, on two or three occasions at weekly intervals. Monensin, at a concentration of 120 ppm, given continuously in the feed was only partially effective. Following treatment with toltrazuril, birds inoculated with high doses of oocysts were immune to subsequent challenge. It is suggested that discontinuous medication with toltrazuril in the drinking water might provide an alternative to the current practice of incorporating drugs continuously in the feed.

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