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J Bacteriol. 1987 May;169(5):1911-6.

Cloning and nucleotide sequence of the chlD locus.


The nucleotide sequence of a Sau3A1 restriction nuclease fragment that complemented an Escherichia coli chlD::Mu cts mutant strain was determined. DNA and deduced amino acid sequence analysis revealed two open reading frames (ORFs) that potentially codes for proteins with amino acid sequence homology with binding protein-dependent transport systems. One of the ORFs showed a sequence that encoded a protein with properties that were characteristic of a hydrophobic inner membrane protein. The other ORF, which was responsible for complementing a chlD mutant, encoded a protein with conserved sequences in nucleotide-binding proteins and hydrophilic inner membrane proteins in active transport systems. A proposal that the chlD locus is the molybdate transport operon is discussed in terms of the chlD phenotype.

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