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Cell. 1987 May 22;49(4):549-58.

Cell cycle regulation of SW15 is required for mother-cell-specific HO transcription in yeast.


In haploid homothallic yeast, cell division gives rise to a mother cell that transiently transcribes the HO gene (as it undergoes START) and a daughter cell that does not. Consequently, only mother cells switch their mating types. Here, we test the proposition that a transcription factor called SWI5 is the "determinant" of mother-cell-specific HO transcription; that is, that SWI5 is the only factor missing in daughter cells. We show that SWI5 RNAs are cell-cycle regulated so that they are only produced after the post-START window of HO transcription. This regulation is vital for mother-cell specificity since constitutive transcription of SWI5 causes daughter cells to switch their mating types. We propose that SWI5 gene products are partitioned asymmetrically at cell division.

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