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Genetics. 1987 Feb;115(2):255-63.

Protease B of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: isolation and regulation of the PRB1 structural gene.


We have isolated the structural gene, PRB1, for the vacuolar protease B of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from a genomic library by complementation of the prb1-1122 mutation. Deletion analysis localized the complementing activity to a 3.2-kilobase pair XhoI-HindIII restriction enzyme fragment. The fragment was used to identify a 2.3-kilobase mRNA. S1 endonuclease mapping indicated that the mRNA and the gene were colinear. No introns were detected. The mRNA is of sufficient size to encode a protein of about 69,000 molecular weight, a number much larger than either the mature enzyme (congruent to 30,000 protein molecular weight) or the sole reported precursor (congruent to 39,000 protein molecular weight). These results suggest that proteolytic processing steps beyond that thought to be catalyzed by protease A may be required to convert the initial glycosylated translation product into mature protease B. The PRB1 mRNA is made in substantial amounts only when the cells have exhausted the glucose supply and enter the diauxic plateau. There is an extended time lag between PRB1 transcription and expression of protease B activity. A deletion that removes about 83% of the coding region was constructed as a diploid heterozygote. Spores bearing the deletion germinate, grow at normal rates into colonies, and have no obvious phenotype beyond protease B deficiency.

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