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Cell. 1987 Mar 27;48(6):975-88.

Characterization and cloning of fasciclin III: a glycoprotein expressed on a subset of neurons and axon pathways in Drosophila.


To identify candidates for neuronal recognition molecules in Drosophila, we used monoclonal antibodies to search for surface glycoproteins expressed on subsets of axon bundles (or fascicles) during development. Here we report on the characterization and cloning of fasciclin III, which is expressed on a subset of neurons and axon pathways in the Drosophila embryo. Fasciclin III is also expressed at other times and places including transient segmentally repeated patches in the neuroepithelium and segmentally repeated stripes in the body epidermis. Antisera generated against each of four highly related forms of the protein were used for cDNA expression cloning to identify a single gene, which was confirmed to encode fasciclin III by tissue in situ hybridization and genetic deficiency analysis.

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