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Food Chem Toxicol. 1986 Oct-Nov;24(10-11):1099-102.

Protective effects of 2(3)-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole on chemical carcinogenesis.


2(3)-tert-Butyl-4-hydroxyanisole (2(3)-BHA) inhibits the action of a broad spectrum of carcinogens, mutagens and tumour promoters. This review discusses available information on four mechanisms by which 2(3)-BHA brings about these inhibitory effects. The first mechanism is induction of increased activities of enzyme systems having the capacity to detoxify carcinogenic compounds. The second is an alteration of the cytochrome P-450 system, resulting in metabolism of carcinogens to less carcinogenic metabolites. The third is the antioxidant effect of 2(3)-BHA. The fourth is poorly defined and relates to experiments in which 2(3)-BHA inhibits carcinogenesis when administered subsequent to the carcinogen.

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