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Biochemistry. 1986 Nov 18;25(23):7584-90.

Amino acid sequence of the sex steroid binding protein of human blood plasma.


The amino acid sequence of the sex steroid binding protein (SBP) from human plasma has been determined. The SBP subunit consists of a 373-residue polypeptide chain containing two disulfide bonds and three oligosaccharide chains. The sequence was solved primarily by analysis of peptides derived by cleavage at either lysyl or methionyl residues. In our preparations, approximately half of the protein molecules have the amino-terminal sequence Arg-Pro-Val-Leu-Pro; the other half lack Arg-Pro and begin with the valine. Preparations of Hammond et al. [Hammond, G. L., Robinson, P. A., Sugino, H., Ward, D. N., & Finne, J. (1986) J. Steroid Biochem. 24, 815] have an additional leucine at the amino terminus, making a total of 373 residues in the chain. Oligosaccharide chains are placed at Thr-7 and at Asn residues 351 and 367. The two disulfide bonds connect Cys-164 to Cys-188 and Cys-333 to Cys-361. The reported heterogeneity of preparations of the molecule may result in part from the amino-terminal microheterogeneity, in part from variations in the oligosaccharide moieties, and possibly in part from rearrangements involving cyclic imide formation in two Asn-Gly sequences. Certain hydrophobic segments are suggested as possible components of the steroid-binding sites. The protein shows no homology either with the cDNA-derived sequences of the estrogen and glucocorticoid receptors found by others to be homologous with each other or with any other protein sequence in the 1986 data base.

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