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Dev Biol. 1986 Nov;118(1):286-95.

Preservation of hepatocyte plasma membrane domains during cell division in situ in regenerating rat liver.


We have utilized antibodies against five domain-specific integral proteins of the rat hepatocyte plasma membrane to examine the fates of the plasma membrane domains during hepatocyte division in the regenerating rat liver. The proteins were quantified on immunoblots of liver homogenates prepared during the peak of hepatocyte mitotic activity, 28-30 hr after two-thirds hepatectomy. Two sinusoidal/lateral proteins, CE 9 and the asialoglycoprotein receptor, and one bile canalicular protein, dipeptidylpeptidase IV, were not changed significantly in amount; whereas one sinusoidal/lateral protein, the epidermal growth factor receptor, and one bile canalicular protein, HA 4, were reduced to less than or equal to 50% of control levels. Light microscopic examination of plastic sections of regenerating liver tissue revealed that the mitotic hepatocytes generally appeared to retain normal contacts with neighboring interphase hepatocytes. Immunofluorescence was used to localize the domain-specific proteins on mitotic hepatocytes identified in 0.5-micron frozen sections of 28- to 30-hr regenerating liver tissue. Independent of mitotic stage, the hepatocytes retained mutually exclusive bile canalicular and sinusoidal/lateral domains, as defined at the molecular level by the distributions of specific proteins, such as HA 4 and CE 9, respectively.

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