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Clin Pharmacol Ther. 1986 Oct;40(4):431-7.

The role of epinephrine in the circulatory effects of coffee.


The circulatory response to coffee was studied in 10 normotensive, 10 bilaterally adrenalectomized, and 10 hypertensive subjects. In the normotensive group, drinking coffee exerted a rise in blood pressure (+5.1/+11.5 mm Hg), a fall in heart rate (-6.0 bpm), a rise in plasma epinephrine (+257.2%), and no change in plasma norepinephrine. The response to coffee in the hypertensive group was similar or even enhanced. In the patients who had undergone adrenalectomy, the coffee-induced rise of diastolic blood pressure was attenuated (+7.9 mm Hg; P less than 0.05), whereas plasma norepinephrine showed a fall (-20.8%) and plasma epinephrine remained undetectable throughout all tests. Additionally, a fall of plasma renin activity after coffee was observed in all three groups. We conclude that the pressor response to coffee is not purely a result of circulating epinephrine or to stimulation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. On the other hand, the coffee-induced increase of plasma epinephrine may increase the pressor response to coffee.

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