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Cell. 1986 Aug 15;46(4):567-74.

Identification of a protein-binding site that mediates transcriptional response of the c-fos gene to serum factors.


Transient transcriptional activation of the c-fos gene following serum stimulation of susceptible cells requires a conserved DNA element located 300 bp 5' to the mRNA cap site. A DNA-binding gel electrophoresis assay was used to detect a protein(s) in HeLa cell nuclear extracts that specifically binds to the 5' activating element. The protein recognizes a region of dyad symmetry within the 5' activating element, defined by binding competition, dimethylsulphate (DMS) interference and DNAase I and DMS protection studies. A single 22 bp synthetic copy of the dyad symmetry element will both compete efficiently for protein binding and restore serum regulation to c-fosH genes that lack the 5' activating element.

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