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J Antimicrob Chemother. 1986 Apr;17(4):481-7.

The neutralization of antibiotic action by metallic cations and iron chelators.


The neutralization of the action of a variety of antibiotics on klebsiellae by moderate doses of di- and tri-valent metallic cations, was measured in vitro. Some beta-lactams tested were affected by Mg++ and by Cu++. Of six tetracyclines one was moderately neutralized by Ca++, two by Mg++, three by Cu++, and all, strongly, by Fe+++. Erythromycin was affected by Ca++, lincomycin by Ca++, Mg++ and Cu++. Aminoglycosides were affected by Ca++ and Mg++ and strongly by Fe+++. Five antibiotics (three beta-lactams and two macrolides) with high MICs for klebsiellae were tested against staphylococci: most of the reversing agents were ineffective. The microbial iron chelators, desferrioxamine and enterochelin were largely inactive, affecting only two aminoglycosides.

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