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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1986 May;83(10):3081-5.

A mutation that prevents glucosylation of the lipid-linked oligosaccharide precursor leads to underglycosylation of secreted yeast invertase.


A mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with the genotype mnn1 mnn2 mnn9 gls1 synthesizes mannoproteins with oligosaccharides having the composition Glc3Man10Glc-NAc2- owing to the mnn9 defect, which prevents synthesis of the outer chain, the mnn1 defect, which prevents branching of the core, and the gls1 mutation, which prevents deglucosylation of the resultant glycoprotein as a consequence of a defective glucosidase-I [Tsai, P.-K., Ballou, L., Esmon, B., Schekman, R. & Ballou, C. E. (1984) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 81, 6340-6343]. (The mnn2 defect is not expressed in presence of the mnn9 mutation.) This strain spontaneously forms new colonies in which gls1 is suppressed owing to a defect in synthesis of dolichol phosphoglucose, the glucosylation substrate. The new mutant, designated mnn1 mnn2 mnn9 gls1 dpg1, synthesizes and secretes invertase (EC that has a higher mobility on native gel electrophoresis than that made by the parent strain, the consequence of a reduction in both the size and the number of carbohydrate chains. The mannoprotein chains have the mnn1 mnn9 structure (Man10Glc-NAc2-), and the invertase is resolved by gel electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate into two major and two minor bands that represent homologs with about 4-7 carbohydrate units, in contrast to about 8-11 chains in the parent strain. Thus, the inability to glucosylate the lipid-linked precursor reduces the efficiency of glycosylation of the protein chains. The genetic defect is in synthesis of the glucose donor dolichol phosphoglucose, but the mutation is nonallelic with the reported alg5-1 mutation, which has a similar phenotype [Runge, K. W., Huffaker, T. C. & Robbins, P. W. (1984) J. Biol. Chem. 259, 412-417].

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