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Neurosci Lett. 1986 Mar 14;64(3):269-74.

Physiological properties of visually responsive neurones in the insular cortex of the cat.


Extracellularly recorded responses of neurones in the insula and the adjoining rostroventral bank of the anterior ectosylvian sulcus to moving bars of light and to electrical stimulation of the superior colliculus and suprageniculate nucleus were recorded in barbiturate-anaesthetized cats. Insular cortical neurones had extremely large receptive fields, exhibited a high incidence of directional selectivity, responded best to high or medium velocity movements of the stimulus and some displayed fairly powerful end-inhibitions. Orthodromically elicited responses from the superior colliculus and suprageniculate nucleus were obtained at latencies of 5-6.5 ms and 3.0-6.0 ms, respectively. No polysensory responses were obtained from visually sensitive neurones. These data provide evidence that a population of neurones in the dorsal rim of the insula comprise a visual area which may be closely related anatomically and functionally to the recently described anterior ectosylvian visual area.

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