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Exp Cell Res. 1986 Apr;163(2):525-38.

Distribution of microfilament bundles during rotation of the nucleus in 3T3 cells treated with monensin.


Cytoskeletal aspects of monensin-treated 3T3 cells with rotating nuclei were studied by immunofluorescence. The pattern of intermediate filaments and microtubules appeared unchanged when compared with control cells having a stationary nucleus. In contrast, the actin microfilament bundles appeared to have a consistent distribution in cells with rotating nuclei. Typically, we did not find long microfilament bundles that traverse the length of the cytoplasm of cells that were fixed at the time of nuclear rotation. Instead, there was a local distribution of short microfilament bundles situated ventrally to the nucleus and oriented at various angles to one another and to the predominant distribution of microfilament bundles in the cell. The observations suggest that the actin cytoskeleton is reorganized locally before or during rotation of the nucleus.

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