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Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 1986 Dec;13(4):321-30.

Immune response during coccidiosis in SC and FP chickens. I. In vitro assessment of T cell proliferation response to stage-specific parasite antigens.


Development of cell-mediated immunity (CMI) and comparative effectiveness of different stage-specific coccidia antigens in T cell activation during avian coccidiosis were evaluated in two inbred strains of chickens using a specific in vitro T cell proliferation assay. Lymphocytes from chickens infected with different Eimeria spp. showed proliferative response to sporozoites, merozoites or Eimeria soluble antigen (Esa) excreted by cultured parasites. Detectable CMI response was observed at 21 day P.I. in chickens infected with E. tenella and E. maxima. Generally lower T cell response was observed in chickens infected with E. acervulina. Merozoites were highly immunogenic compared to sporozoites. Esa prepared from cultured parasites was as effective as whole parasites in evoking a T cell response. Although strain variation in T cell response to parasites or Esa was observed during a primary infection, substantially enhanced T cell response was observed 3 days after a secondary infection in both strains of chickens. The results of the present investigation suggest that Esa may be a major parasite antigen released to the immune system during early stages of infection and relevant to the development of protective immunity.

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