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Am J Med Genet. 1986 Sep;25(1):149-60.

Genetic aspects of immotile cilia syndrome.


The genetics of the immotile cilia syndrome has been analyzed in a series of 46 affected individuals from 38 families. Both sexes were equally affected: there were 20 males and 26 females in this series. All patients had upper and lower respiratory disease with chronic sinusitis, otitis, and chronic cough from early childhood. Bronchiectasis was common in older children and adults. Situs inversus occurred randomly, affecting 11 males and 15 females. Biopsies of nasal and bronchial mucosa from these subjects have been investigated by electron microscopy and identified as having specific ultrastructural defects of respiratory tract cilia including deficiencies in outer dynein arms (19), inner dynein arms (3), both inner and outer dynein arms (15), radial spoke defect (5); and microtubular transposition anomaly (4). Segregation analysis of proband sibships was consistent with autosomal recessive inheritance. However, the different ultrastructural defects that underly the immotile cilia syndrome involve presumably different genetic determinants, and the different types have not been analyzed separately. Examination of paternal age and birth order gave no evidence of new autosomal dominant mutation in the series.

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