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Immunology. 1986 Nov;59(3):411-7.

The primary mediastinal clear cell lymphoma of B-cell type has variable defects in MHC antigen expression.


Eight cases of the recently reported 'primary mediastinal clear cell lymphoma of B-cell type' (Möller et al., 1986) were examined immunohistologically for the expression of cytoplasmic and/or surface antigens of MHC class I and II with mAbs directed against framework determinants of HLA-A,B,C (W6/32; B9.12.1), HLA-DP,DR,DQ (2.06), -DQ (Leu 10; Tü22), -DR (Tü34) gene products, and with mAbs specific for beta 2-microglobulin (BBM-1) and the HLA-D associated invariant chain (Vic-Y1). Besides the reported Ig-deficiency, the neoplastic B-cells of 7/8 tumours have variable defects in MHC antigen expression. Three lack both class I and class II antigens, one tumour lacks class I antigens but expresses HLA-DQ and -DR on the majority of neoplastic cells, three others contain varying proportions of MHC-antigen deficient tumour cells. The expression of Ii is closely correlated with HLA-D(R) expression and its antigenic sites are strictly located in the cytoplasm. Against the background of current knowledge, the variable and occasionally severe defects in MHC antigen expression within the herein presented series of B-cell lymphomas suggest that this unusual feature might be another characteristic of a novel lymphoma type.

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