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Fed Proc. 1986 Oct;45(11):2541-4.

Immunological activities of muramyl peptides.


Muramyl peptides are endowed with numerous modulatory effects on the immune and nervous systems. Studies with synthetic muramyl dipeptide (MDP), the smallest unit of bacterial cell walls that can replace Mycobacteria in Freund's complete adjuvant, revealed that this glycopeptide can regulate several functions of cells involved in the immune response. The adjuvanticity of MDP and the MDP-induced activation of macrophages against tumors were found to be potentiated in vitro and in vivo with monoclonal anti-MDP antibodies. When used on immunoadsorbent columns, the anti-MDP antibodies removed the somnogenic and pyrogenic activities contained in supernatants of stimulated rabbit peritoneal macrophages. Based on these data a hypothesis is put forward to explain the immuno- and neuro-modulatory effects of muramyl peptides.

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