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J Immunol Methods. 1986 May 1;89(1):37-47.

Generation of purified stromal cell cultures that support lymphoid and myeloid precursors.


Treatment of Dexter-type long-term bone marrow cultures with the antibiotic mycophenolic acid (MPA) eliminates all hemopoietic cells from the cultures, while a morphologically intact, adherent stromal cell layer is retained. The ability of these MPA treated stromal cell cultures to support long-term hemopoiesis was tested by seeding them with fresh bone marrow cells that had been passed through nylon wool. This procedure yields a relatively stromal cell depleted population of hemopoietic cells. An aliquot of 5 X 10(5) or 2.5 X 10(5) nylon wool passed bone marrow cells bearing the T6 chromosomal marker was seeded onto replicate MPA-treated stromal cell layers. The stromal cells stimulated the proliferation of the bone marrow cells, and nonadherent cells were present for up to 8 weeks of culture. Progenitors of granulocytes and macrophages (CFU-GM) were also present for this period of time despite weekly demi-depopulation, during culture feeding. Karyotypic analysis confirmed that the CFU-GM were derived from the reseeded population. Nylon wool-passed bone marrow cells seeded alone into empty flasks under identical conditions did not survive past 1 week. Cells from the reseeded cultures were also tested for early myeloid precursors (CFU-S) and injected into immunodeficient CBA/N mice to test for the presence of primitive B cell precursors. CFU-S were present in mice killed 11 days following injection of cells, and high levels of B cell colony-forming units (CFU-B) were present in mice 4 weeks post reconstitution. Further studies demonstrated that factors present in medium conditioned by the stromal cells could support the growth of CFU-GM. These data indicate that treatment of long-term bone marrow cultures with MPA results in a population of functional stromal cells.

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