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Am J Vet Res. 1978 Apr;39(4):659-63.

Evaluation of reconstitution of immunodeficient mice by partially purified thymic extracts.


Partially purified thymus products were used to evaluate the maturation of T lymphocytes in immunodeficient mice. Three different bovine thymic extracts, designated thymic extracts A, B, and C, were successful in increasing the longevity of conventionally raised nude mice. Daily injection of bovine thymic extracts A, B, and C and mouse thymus extracts failed to mature a population of T lymphocytes and restore the capacity to reject heart allografts. Preincubation of normal syngeneic bone marrow with thymic extract B in vitro before injection into nude mice also failed to reconstitute the host's ability to reject heart grafts. The number of antibody plaque-forming cells of sheep red blood cells in lethally irradiated, bone marrow-reconstituted mice could be increased by preincubating the bone marrow cells with bovine thymic extract fraction B before injection followed by daily injections. A similar but less marked increase in plaque-forming cells was obtained by the daily injection of bovine thymic extract fraction C. Complete functional maturation of T lymphocytes in immunodeficient animals appears to require more than thymic extract stimulation of bone marrow cells or pre-T lymphocytes.

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