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Mol Biol Rep. 1978 Feb 28;4(1):15-9.

The relationship between guanosine tetraphosphate, polysomes and RNA synthesis in amino acid starved Escherichia coli.


A relA+ strain of E. coli with four amino acid requirements was starved separately for each amino acid, after which the levels of polysomes, guanosine-5'-diphosphate-3'-diphosphate and the residual net synthesis of RNA were determined. The polysome level and guanosine-5'-diphosphate-3'-diphosphate production were coordinately affected by starvation for the different amino acids, whereas no correlation was found between these two parameters and residual RNA synthesis. The main conclusion stemming from these results is that guanosine-5'-diphosphate-3'-diphosphate cannot act as the sole effector molecule in stringent control of RNA synthesis.

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