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Nucleic Acids Res. 1986 Sep 11;14(17):7071-82.

Molecular analysis of both translocation products of a Philadelphia-positive CML patient.


The breakpoint regions of both translocation products of the (9;22) Philadelphia translocation of CML patient 83-H84 and their normal chromosome 9 and 22 counterparts have been cloned and analysed. Southern blotting with bcr probes and DNA sequencing revealed that the breaks on chromosome 22 occurred 3' of bcr exon b3 and that the 88 nucleotides between the breakpoints in the chromosome 22 bcr region were deleted. Besides this small deletion of chromosome 22 sequences a large deletion of chromosome 9 sequences (greater than 70 kb) was observed. The chromosome 9 sequences remaining on the 9q+ chromosome (9q+ breakpoint) are located at least 100 kb upstream of the v-abl homologous c-abl exons whereas the translocated chromosome 9 sequences (22q-breakpoint) could be mapped 30 kb upstream of these c-abl sequences. The breakpoints were situated in Alu-repetitive sequences either on chromosome 22 or on chromosome 9, strengthening the hypothesis that Alu-repetitive sequences can be hot spots for recombination.

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