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Cell. 1987 May 22;49(4):569-76.

The mitotic inducer nim1+ functions in a regulatory network of protein kinase homologs controlling the initiation of mitosis.


The newly discovered fission yeast mitotic control element nim1+ (new inducer of mitosis) is the first dose-dependent mitotic inducer identified as a protein kinase homolog. Increased nim1+ expression rescues mutants lacking the mitotic inducer cdc25+ and advances cells into mitosis at a reduced cell size; loss of nim1+ delays mitosis until cells have grown to a larger size. The nim1+ gene potentially encodes a 50 kd protein that contains the consensus sequences of protein kinases. Genetic evidence indicates that nim1+ is a negative regulator of the wee1+ mitotic inhibitor, another protein kinase homolog. The combined mitotic induction activities of nim1+ and cdc25+ counteract the wee1+ mitotic inhibitor in a regulatory network that appears also to involve the cdc2+ protein kinase, which is required for mitosis.

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