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J Dev Physiol. 1987 Dec;9(6):517-26.

Predict fetal brain PO2 during hypoxaemia and anemia in sheep.

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Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University, California 92350.


The mean brain PO2 of fetal sheep was calculated using equations based on the Krogh cylinder model of O2 diffusion. This analysis took into account the effect of red cell spacing on capillary PO2. Uncompensated changes in arterial O2 tension, the radius of the Krogh cylinder, and metabolic rate of brain tissue were predicted to affect mean brain PO2 more than uncompensated changes in brain blood flow or haemoglobin concentration. Under normal conditions (CaO2 = 7.42 ml/dl), the mean PO2 of the fetal brain was calculated to be about 12 mmHg. Hypoxaemia decreased the predicted mean O2 tension to 7.6 mmHg (CaO2 = 5.19 ml/dl), 5.0 mmHg (CaO2 = 4.11 ml/dl), and 4.3 ml/dl (CaO2 = 3.50 ml/dl). Isovolaemic anaemia reduced mean brain PO2 to 8.7 mmHg (CaO2 = 4.40 ml/dl), 8.3 mmHg (CaO2 = 3.94 ml/dl), and 7.3 mmHg (CaO2 = 3.19 ml/dl). During anaemia the increased distance between red cells was calculated to contribute significantly to brain hypoxaemia. A summary equation is presented which enables the investigator to estimate easily the mean PO2 of the fetal brain when several factors are changed from standard values.

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