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J Biol Chem. 1988 Sep 25;263(27):13930-6.

Molecular cloning and characterization of human atrial and ventricular myosin alkali light chain cDNA clones.

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Third Department of Internal Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan.


We have isolated essentially full-length cDNA clones for atrial (ALC1) and ventricular (VLC1) myosin alkali light chains from a human fetal heart cDNA library. Comparison of overall nucleotide sequences of ALC1 and VLC1 cDNA clones has revealed that, while these two inserts show significant DNA sequence homology (78.4%) with respect to their coding regions, the 5'- and 3'-untranslated regions are highly divergent. Our statistical analysis suggests that human ALC1 and VLC1 diverged approximately 300 million years ago, during the time of separation of birds and mammals. RNA blot analysis shows that ALC1 mRNA is expressed in fetal ventricular and fetal skeletal muscles as well as fetal and adult atrial muscles and VLC1 mRNA is expressed in adult slow skeletal muscle as well as fetal and adult ventricular muscles. Southern blot analysis indicates that each protein is encoded by a single gene. Finally, we show that VLC1 mRNA is induced in pressure-overloaded human atrium.

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