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Neuroscience. 1988 Jan;24(1):135-42.

Synaptic mechanisms of interaction between Deiters' nucleus and the nuclei of some cranial nerves.

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Orbeli Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of the Armenian S.S.R., Yerevan.


The effects of stimulation of the vestibular nerve, spinal trigeminal nucleus, facial and hypoglossal nuclei of the cranial nerves on the neuronal activity in the lateral vestibular nucleus of Deiters were studied in cats anaesthetized with pentobarbitone. Stimulation of these nuclei was found to produce antidromic and synaptic activation of Deiters' neurons. Descending axon collaterals of the vestibular neurons to these brainstem structures were revealed. Stimulation of the VIIIth nerve, spinal trigeminal and facial nuclei evoked mono- and polysynaptic excitatory postsynaptic potentials in Deiters' neurons. Stimulation of the spinal trigeminal nucleus evoked mono- and polysynaptic inhibitory postsynaptic potentials and disfacilitation in Deiters' neurons. In some vestibular neurons inhibitory postsynaptic potentials were also evoked by stimulation of the nucleus hypoglossus. Convergence of influences from these structures on Deiters' neurons was shown to exist. The peculiarities and functional significance of the effects mentioned are discussed.

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