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Jpn Circ J. 1988 Jan;52(1):44-52.

Experimental study of acute coronary sinus thrombosis--clinical references to coronary sinus thrombosis and coronary venography.

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Cardiovascular Division, Shinkyoh Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan.


The study was carried out to ascertain the effects caused by thrombosis in the coronary venous system. The coronary sinus (CS) of 21 adult mongrel dogs was abruptly obstructed to produce acute CS thrombosis. These dogs were then tested for serial changes of ECG, coronary arterial blood flow (CBF), left ventricular pressure (LVP), serum enzymes originating from the injured myocardium and histological changes of myocardium. Furthermore, the clinical application of a new coronary venography procedure was investigated. The results obtained in these experiments were as follows; (1) When the CS thrombosis was produced by the abrupt obstruction of the sinus, ECG patterns and serum enzymes originating from the myocardium showed changes similar to those of acute myocardial infarction. (2) The histological examinations showed that the changes in myocardial infarction were characteristically similar to those of hemorrhagic infarction. (3) Despite the complete obstruction of the coronary-venous system by thrombosis, the development of thrombosis or obstruction was not observed on the coronary-arterial side. This phenomenon is probably due to the recirculation of blood flow through the Thebesian vessels. (4) The experiment confirmed that the clear coronary venograms were easily obtained, without any risk, by the fixation of a balloon-tipped catheter inside the CS.

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