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J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 1988 Feb;8(1):100-8.

Autoradiographic determination of cerebral glucose content, blood flow, and glucose utilization in focal ischemia of the rat brain: influence of the plasma glucose concentration.

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  • 1Institute of Neuropathology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Focal cerebral ischemia was produced by occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in rats. Cerebral blood flow measured with [14C]iodoantipyrine was severely reduced in the lateral portion of neostriatum. This area of dense ischemia was sharply demarcated against the surroundings. The adjacent cortex was perfused at one-third of normal, whereas blood flow in the medial neostriatum was only slightly reduced. This pattern of perfusion was independent of the plasma glucose concentration of the animal. In contrast, the glucose utilization calculated from the 2-[3H]deoxyglucose accumulation depended on the plasma glucose concentration. Enhanced glucose utilization was evident in the border areas surrounding the ischemic focus in normoglycemic animals. Neither acutely nor chronically diabetic animals had such an increase of metabolism in the borderzone. Moderately hyperglycemic rats had a narrow rim of enhanced glucose utilization immediately surrounding the ischemic core, whereas animals with plasma glucose values above 22 mmol/L had no such rim. In mild hypoglycemia (2-4 mmol/L), the glucose utilization was slightly enhanced in the border areas, but during severe hypoglycemia (less than 2.5 mmol/L), the glucose utilization declined gradually toward the ischemic core. Glucose content, and thereby the lumped constant (measured by 3-0-[14C]methylglucose) showed little regional variation, except in the ischemic core. These findings indicate that blood flow alterations after occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in rats are not influenced by the plasma glucose utilizations. In contrast, glucose utilization depends on a combination of plasma glucose concentration and blood flow instead of blood flow per se.

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