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Sabouraudia. 1977 Jul;15(2):201-5.

Vascular clearance of blastospore and pseudomycelial phase Candida albicans.


Blastospore phase and pseudomycelial phase Candida albicans were infused at a constant rate into the proximal aorta of rabbits and simultaneous quantitative blood cultures were obtained from the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava. Arteriovenous differences were greater with pseudomycelial phase C. albicans at all concentrations tested. Rates of clearance of C. albicans as blastospores or with pseudomycelia yielded mean T one-half values of 22 seconds and 17 seconds, respectively. Similarly, hepatic clearance of pseudomycelial phase C. albicans was more efficient. Prior immunization with heat-killed Candida albicans had no effect on the vascular clearance of either pseudomycelial phase or blastospore phase C. albicans.

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