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Gene. 1987;61(1):63-74.

High-copy-number and low-copy-number plasmid vectors for lacZ alpha-complementation and chloramphenicol- or kanamycin-resistance selection.

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Basic Research Department, Hoechst Japan Ltd, Kawagoe.


Three types of alpha-complementation plasmid vectors were constructed which contain a chloramphenicol- or kanamycin-resistance (CmR or KmR) gene and polylinker cloning sites within the coding region of lacZ'. These vectors are essentially based on high- or low-copy-number replicons. The low-copy-number vectors, 3.61 kb in size, confer CmR and contain the pSC101 replicon and pUC8-/pUC9-type polylinker. On the other hand, the high-copy-number vectors, 2.21 to 2.68 kb in size, confer either CmR or KmR, and contain the pBR322 replicon and pUC18-/pUC19-type or other modified polylinkers. All cloning sites except HindIII and SmaI sites in the KmR vectors are unique in each plasmid. Since almost all frequently used plasmid vectors confer ampicillin resistance, these vectors may be useful to simplify the subcloning/DNA joining experiments due to unnecessity of radioisotope labelling, size fractionation and purification of foreign DNA segments.

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