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J Mol Biol. 1987 May 20;195(2):233-45.

Structural comparison of the yeast cell division cycle gene CDC4 and a related pseudogene.

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Department of Genetics, University of Washington, Seattle 98195.


The function of the cell division cycle gene, CDC4, is required in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for progression beyond the G1 phase of the cell cycle. The wild-type gene was isolated from a plasmid library by selection for complementation of a recessive, temperature-sensitive allele. Hybridization of genomic sequences with the cloned gene revealed the presence of a duplicated sequence. Both CDC4 and the duplicated sequence were subjected to DNA sequence analysis. These analyses revealed (1) that CDC4 contains a large open reading frame encoding a protein of 779 amino acids, and (2) that the duplicated sequence bears strong homology with the carboxy-terminal segment of this open reading frame. Presence of a nonsense codon within the duplicated sequence suggested that it does not encode a functional product. Disruption of the duplicated sequence within the yeast genome provided a more critical test for function. The absence of any detectable phenotype for this disruption confirms that the sequence should be considered a pseudogene. The marker inserted to disrupt the sequence also served to map the duplication and to establish that it is not genetically linked to CDC4. The structural features determined suggest evolutionary relationships between these genes as well as between the CDC4 product and other proteins.

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